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Our 6-Frame Nucs are the staple of our Apiary operation and we depend upon them for our short nectar season and to overwinter a large portion of our colonies successfully in our challenging environment, (over the years we have learned that bigger hives aren't necessarily better).  We set these hives together on pallets in groups of three, which allows us to place two ten frame honey supers over queen excluders during nectar flows.

Each 6-Frame Nuc Hive comes with a solid bottom board, entrance reducer, one six-frame deep hive body, 6 deep frames, Reflectex inner cover, migratory top and a one-gallon top feeder bucket.  All of our hives are pretreated with a non-toxic, bee friendly coating and come ready for nuc installation which saves you time and money!
If purchased in groups of three, we will install and organize your nucs on a pallet foundation and provide two queen excluders at no charge to you!


Message us for personalization and artwork options!


We can also install your purchased nucs (one per) into your pre-purchased hive and have them ready for you prior to pick up in May 2022.  




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Six Frame Nuc Boxes

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